COVID19 and Climate Change: how does our current pandemic affect the fight against climate change?

Luis Quintero

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The arrival of the COVID19 pandemic has led states around the world to take urgent actions aimed at protecting lives. These actions modify our daily lives dramatically with the objective of preventing the worsening of the situation into an even more disastrous one. Why haven’t we been able to implement such strong actions to address climate change? This lecture will explore how the COVID19 and climate change crises are similar in many ways, how they are directly connected, and how the pandemic can change the prospects of our abilities to become more sustainable and avoid address the threat of irreversible damage to our climate.

Luis Quintero

I am a researcher on urban and real estate economics at Johns Hopkins University. My work focuses on urban dynamics, especially related to housing markets, agglomeration economies and policy-related issues like housing affordability. I also do research on determinants of growth and decline in cities in developed and developing economies. I teach courses on infrastructure development of sustainable cities, real estate and infrastructure finance, and econometrics. I tweet about housing markets, housing policy, urbanization, and methods in @leqonomics. ​ In 2020, I am co-director of the LACEA urban economics network (LAUrban).

 Event Date
Thursday, May 28, 2020
Start Time: 7:00pm
End Time: 8:00pm
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
United States of America
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