Democratic Spaces Series: Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide

Join the SNF Agora Institute and Urban Rural Action for a discussion of how citizens of our “two Americas” can come together across geographic, political, and racial divides to find common cause and mutual respect, and to begin to find solutions for the economic, health, and other problems so many Americans are facing.

This event is part of SNF Agora’s Democratic Spaces, a series of discussions that consider how we can cultivate spaces—real and virtual—that enable robust participation in democracy. A healthy democracy requires that all of us—no matter our identities, affiliations, beliefs, or creeds—play a role as members in civil society. In this series we’ll be exploring how we can build the spaces that invite all voices, especially of those who currently face barriers, into those conversations.

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 Event Date
Friday, May 21, 2021
Start Time: 12:00pm
End Time: 1:00pm