Blast Course: “Astronomy and Astrology in Ancient Egypt”


Course Title“Human Achievement or Alien Technology? —Astronomy and Astrology in Ancient Egypt"

Dates: Mondays/Thursdays from July 13th through August 14th (5 weeks)

Class Type: 1 lecture + 1 live discussion meeting (Zoom, 7-8pm) per week

Course Description: Did aliens build the pyramids? What did ancient Egyptians know about the universe? Should astrology be considered a science? I invite you to explore the answers with me by traveling back in time to ancient Egypt, a place and time that have long captured the public’s imagination. By the end of the class, you will reach a better understanding of ancient Egyptians’ achievements in science, while also strengthening your critical thinking skills. Class materials consist of open access videos and blogs, along with a few articles prepared by the instructor. Each week, students will watch a pre-recorded lecture (60 min) and attend a synchronous meeting on Zoom (60 min). During the Zoom meeting, the instructor will lead a discussion on a specific topic (see syllabus). Students will prepare for the discussion by completing the week’s task listed on the syllabus. The estimated preparation time is approximately 20 minutes each week. It is recommended that students also engage with the additional resources listed on the syllabus.

Instructor: Lingxin Zhang, Near Eastern Studies (she/her)

Open to the public

[image credit: "Orion hangs over a statue of Isis at the Sanctuary of Egyptian Gods at Nea Makri, Greece" (photo by Stavros Hios)]

 Event Date
Monday, July 13, 2020

Friday, August 14, 2020

Alexander Grass Humanities Institute

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