Building Community to Foster Physician Well-being

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Building Community to Foster Physician Well-Being

Rapid changes in health care delivery have fueled widespread physician burnout. Studies show that before the pandemic nearly 55% of physicians reported feeling burned out, which has serious consequences including decreased patient satisfaction, higher turnover, reduced health outcomes, and increased costs. The distress caused by the pandemic underscores the need for programs to support physicians across their professional lifespan.

Ars Medica is a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing the personal and professional growth of medical students, residents, and physicians. The organization accomplishes this by building community and developing innovative learning experiences that integrate the arts and  humanities. The platform provides a safe space where physicians can connect, reflect on lived experiences, and crowdsource resources on how to balance personal and professional lives. 

Join us for a discussion around the factors that drive physician burnout and how building community can be leveraged as a means of building resilience.

De la MazaJavier de la Maza is a pediatric emergency physician, Assistant Professor of Health Communication at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and co-founder and Executive Director of Ars Medica. De la Maza completed medical training at Universidad de Chile and earned his Master’s in Health Education and Health Communication from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He was also a fellow at the Johns Hopkins Center for Medical Humanities and Social Medicine. De la Maza is also an accomplished filmmaker with over ten years of experience developing award-winning educational content. In 2018, he was appointed president of the Johns Hopkins Public Health Film Society and worked in the organizing committee for APHA's Global Public Health Film Festival. He was recently interviewed by Global Health Now where he spoke to the current state of the pandemic in Chile. He currently lives in Santiago with his wife and their two children, and is dedicated to realizing Ars Medica’s mission to create a space for connection in medicine.

BugayoungMarielle Bugayong is Ars Medica’s co-founder and Director of Operations. Bugayong completed a Bachelor’s in Health & Human Biology at Brown University, where she was a recipient of the Katherine G. Farley & Jerry I. Speyer Trustee’s Scholarship. She then pursued a Master’s in Health Communication and Health Education at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, serving concurrently as a student leader, teaching assistant, and graduate research assistant. Upon graduation in 2019, she was inducted into the Delta Omega public health honor society. She currently works as a research coordinator at Bloomberg on projects involving doctor-patient communication and primary care cancer survivorship. Bugayong is passionate about rehumanizing healthcare and committed to Ars Medica’s mission and vision for the future.



 Event Date
Wednesday, May 5, 2021
Start Time: 1:00pm
End Time: 1:30pm



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