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Per Alum or Guest$25
1 N Haven St
Baltimore, MD
IndustriesandProfessions March 25, March 25, SaturdaySponsored by the Office of Alumni Relations Lifelong Learning  Come and join us at 228 Grant Street Candle Co. for a unique candle-making workshop with fellow JHU alumni. The candle making workshop is an elevated experience with great food and cocktails in a gorgeous event space. During the event, brand founder, Kendal Brown, will share simple and easy to follow instructions leading participants in the process of creating candles. Attendees will have the opportunity to select their own fragrance from our curated selection of premium fragrance oils. Each participant will craft and take home two 9oz scented soy wax candles.  The cost of the workshop is inclusive of all materials, your finished candle, food and beverages. There will be gluten, vegan, and other dietary options. Each participant will have their own clean-burning soy wax, cotton wick, pouring pot, mixing equipment, and amber candle jars. Attendees will receive 20% off candles purchased at the event. Space is limited, sign up now! Disclaimer: The perspectives and opinions expressed by the speaker(s) during this program are those of the speaker(s) and not, necessarily, those of Johns Hopkins University and the scheduling of any speaker at an alumni event or program does not constitute the University’s endorsement of the speaker’s perspectives and opinions. Learn about JHAA Event Cancellation and Refund Policy228-grant-street-alumni-candle-m
 Mar 25, 2023
 03:30 PM
228 Grant Street Alumni Candle Making Class
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Per Alum or Guest$60
Per Young Alum or Current Grad Student$50
25 Lafayette St
Newark, NJ
Region March 16, March 16, ThursdayNew Jersey, Devils, Tampa Bay, Lightning, NHLSponsored by Hopkins New York Join fellow alumni and friends for an evening to cheer on the New Jersey Devils as they welcome the Tampa Bay Lightning to the Prudential Center! Due to limited space, alumni are limited to one (1) additional guest per registration form. Tickets for the game will be in Section TBD and will all be distributed electronically. The chapter will be looking for a pre-game meetup so please keep that in mind for your game day planning (details to be shared with registrants directly).  A portion of this registration fee will serve as a donation in support of future programming and events.  If you wish to not have a portion of your registration support such initiatives, you may contact the Office of Annual Giving:       While participating in off-campus events and meetings sponsored by the JHAA/JHM/JHHS participants must follow all public health guidelines mandated by the local jurisdiction and venue at the time of the event, including vaccination and masking and distancing guidance. Johns Hopkins strongly suggests that attendees who join in person be fully vaccinated. This is subject to change.  All ticket sales are final - ticketed events are non-refundable. *Tickets should not be sold or transferred without JHAA approval  JHAA Event Cancellation and Refund Policynew-york-ny-nhl-new-jersey-devil
 Mar 16, 2023
 07:00 PM
New York, NY: NHL New Jersey Devils vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
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SchoolofNursing Virtual March 15, March 15, WednesdayJHSON Virtual Nursing Grand Rounds: Celebrating Women's Health - Caring for people affected by female genital cutting: Nursing’s power to re-define (and reduce) risk and harm The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in partnership with the Johns Hopkins Nurses' Alumni Association, will offer a monthly Virtual Nursing Grand Rounds Continuing Nursing Education Series, providing an educational program led by top researchers from around the world. In honor of Women’s History Month, in this grand rounds, Dr. Nicole Warren will describe how, when, and why female genital cutting (FGC) is commonly practiced, understand the relevance of FGC to US-based health care providers, and identify the role of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention in reducing FGC risk and related injury. Attendees will recognize how the quality care of people affected by FGC can be translated to care for other marginalized groups. The Virtual Nursing Grand Rounds Series will offer attendees one free education credit upon completion of a post-event quiz after each session, with the goal of fulfilling the JHSON’s mission of providing lifelong learning for health care professionals within the community.  The Virtual Nursing Grand Rounds Series is sponsored by the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Center for Cardiovascular and Chronic Care, and the Johns Hopkins Nurses' Alumni Association. The Center for Cardiovascular and Chronic Care works to significantly reduce cardiovascular health disparities through community engagement, scientific investigation, education, and policy initiatives. The Johns Hopkins Nurses' Alumni Association builds upon the foundation laid by generations of Hopkins nurses, sponsoring programs, preserving history and connecting alumni. jhson-virtual-nursing-grand-roun
 Mar 15, 2023
 11:30 AM
JHSON Virtual Nursing Grand Rounds: Celebrating Women's Health
WomeninBusiness SharedInterestandIdentity March 14, March 14, Tuesdaywoh, conference, women, leadershipWe are pleased to share that we will come together, in person, for the 11th Annual Women's Leadership Conference: Thriving through Connections on Friday, March 24, 2023 in Washington, DC. Please join the Women of Hopkins, other alumni, students, and friends for a full day of interactive workshops, dynamic discussions for professional and personal development and growth, and engagement with a diverse and vibrant community.  To fully celebrate Women's History Month virtual sessions will be offered the week of March 13, 2023. Women of Hopkins looks forward to seeing you online and in person in March! Please register now!2023-03-14 -- 6 -- 00 -- PM -- -- -- -- -- Virtual -- -- Baltimore -- NA -- -- USA -- 0 -- ** For registrations after 5:00 pm EST on the day of the event, please email Elena Thompson for the event link** Moderator: Lindsey Hutzler A&S '12 Speaker: Dr. Meg Urry A&S '84 Portraits are images that convey both how we see ourselves and how we appear to the world. Much like portraits, imposter syndrome can cloud perceptions and cause us to question our capabilities, particularly when perception does not match reality. Whether we are young or a seasoned veteran; a virtuoso; author; physician; professor; or business executive; a mom, sister, or daughter; many of us have crossed paths with it. Join Dr. Meg Urry A&S '84, a prolific author and an outspoken advocate for gender equity in science, for a moderated discussion. She will share insights from her academic and professional journeys on breaking gendered barriers and transforming the world of modern Astronomy. *The presentation will be held via Zoom and there will be time for Q&A from attendees. -- 0 -- Imposter Syndrome Session -- 0 -- 0 Portraits: Conversations on Imposter Syndrome 2023-03-15 -- 12 -- 00 -- PM -- -- -- -- -- Virtual -- -- Baltimore -- NA -- -- USA -- 0 -- **If you have not received a Zoom link to the session, please email Thomas Outlen** Moderator: Alina Predescu Bus '13, '17 Speakers: Lili Portilla Jennifer Smith Kristina Smith Bus '00 Cheryl L. Mason Join a panel of female entrepreneurs that have redesigned their lives, overcome challenges, focused on their priorities, and created a new path for themselves and others. This session will be part dynamic discussion, and part storytelling, with a focus on the importance of sharing experiences to inspire and motivate others. *The presentation will be held via Zoom and there will be time for Q&A from attendees. -- 0 -- Setting Your Intention and Thriving -- 0 -- 0 Setting Your Intention and Thriving 2023-03-17 -- 12 -- 00 -- PM -- -- -- -- -- Virtual -- -- Baltimore -- NA -- -- USA -- 0 --  **If you have not received a Zoom link to the session, please email Thomas Outlen** Moderator: Nettie Owens Eng '01 Speaker: Victoria Whitfield 'Your energy is everything.' Deep down, we as women often instinctively know this, and how it applies especially when you are in leadership positions, because we know all too well how your energy is infectious and can influence others (moreover because, new are affected by others' energy, ourselves). We've seen how good energy can spread more good in teams and communities, and we've seen how bad energy, like one spoiled apple in the bunch, can bring us all down in a flash. To thrive in these uncertain times we currently face, we as women leaders must challenge ourselves to examine a fundamental question, then: Where are you leading from? From fear? Or from power? During this interactive keynote discussion, we will explore exactly how to ground and release cycles of toxicity by using leadership principles, and you will walk away having identified and claimed your Inner Compass that will guide you in navigating and reinforcing leading yourself and others from a place of personal power with integrity, confidence and empowerment. Sensei means “teacher“ or “doctor” in Japanese. I identify as a teacher and I am trained to be a master-teacher in the field of Reiki and personal energy mastery. That is my experience and expertise and I look forward to engaging with you. *The presentation will be held via Zoom and there will be time for Q&A from attendees. -- 0 -- Virtual Keynote: Claim Your Compass -- 0 -- 0 Virtual Keynote: Claim Your Compass women-s-leadership-conf-2023-v
 Mar 14, 2023
 06:00 PM
Women's Leadership Conference 2023