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This webinar will be streamed online. Click on the link to join the event.
KriegerSchoolofArtsSciences VirtualMarch 27, March 27, FridayJoin us for a conversation about how and why countries’ responses to COVID-19 have been so varied, what have been the effects, and what lessons governments can learn as they think about preparing for future challenges. Guests: Anne Applebaum - SNF Agora Senior Fellow and Staff Writer with The Atlantic Ho-fung Hung - Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University Josh Sharfstein - Vice Dean of Public Health Practice and Community Engagement for the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Join here: About SNF Agora Conversations: The Politics and Policy of COVID-19 As coronavirus spreads across the country and around the globe, we are facing a crisis not just in healthcare, but also in how we live, work, learn, engage, and come together to govern ourselves as citizens and in communities. How do the politics of the pandemic shape the way individual, communities, and institutions respond? Likewise, how does institutional and governmental response to the pandemic shape people’s political views and behaviors? Do people trust what their governments are telling them? Why are some countries controlling the spread of the virus better than others? In the U.S., how will this affect the 2020 elections? And how do we practice social distancing and also protect and promote civic engagement and inclusive discourse? SNF Agora Institute will host a series of webcast conversations, with experts from Johns Hopkins University and beyond, that will explore the political and policy implications of COVID-19./event/SNFAgora_OnePandemicAWorldofResponses
 Mar 27, 2020
 12:30 PM
WEBCAST: SNF Agora Conversations: The Politics and Policy of COVID-19 - One Pandemic, A World of Responses
WomeninBusiness CareyBusinessSchool Affinity March 27, March 27, FridayWhile we are not able to come together in person as planned, for a dynamic day, we are excited and pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to participate on March 27, in a virtual professional development workshop session, “Discover Your Intrinsic Leadership Motivation | What Makes Your Heart Sing?” led by Adriano Pianesi, a faculty member of Johns Hopkins Carey Executive Education. The session will begin at 11:30 am and end before 1:30 pm—please find the session description and login instructions attached. Your plan was to take the day to invest in yourself and your development, and you still can, with this fantastic digital session. We hope you’ll log in!   Women of Hopkins – Carey Executive Education Discover Your Intrinsic Leadership Motivation | What Makes Your Heart Sing? Adriano Pianesi, MBA, Carey Business School Executive Education What motivates you and drives your leadership style may be surprising and different from those you lead and collaborate with. Learn about the 4 key elements of intrinsic leadership motivations and self-management, discover your motivation, and explore what that means for you as an individual, a colleague, and a leader. Please join me in the following Adobe Connect Meeting. Invited By: adriano pianesi. To join the meeting use this link: Software Requirements: This webinar will use Adobe Connect to create a virtual learning space. Because Adobe Connect runs on the Adobe Flash Player (which virtually all internet-connected computers already have installed), joining the webinar should be as simple as clicking the URL given to you upon registration. How to Join the Virtual Session   At 11:30 AM EST on Friday, March 27, click this link to log in to our virtual meeting   On the sign-in page, click ENTER AS A GUEST   Type your first and last name.   Click ENTER ROOM   When you receive the prompt to JOIN AUDIO CONFERENCE, enter the phone number you would like to be reached at in this format 1-AREA CODE-XXX-XXXX.   Click JOIN    In a few seconds, your phone will ring. Answer it and you will be connected to the virtual classroom.  No need to "dial-in".  The classroom will reach out to you! You simply click the link and join as a guest, entering your name. I will then allow you in after a few seconds.     How to Use Adobe Connect   A video on YOUTUBE describes the login process in detail.  Please take a few minutes and look at the video so you are familiar with how to sign on.   Thank you for registering and I look forward to seeing you online.    2020-03-27 -- 8 -- 00 -- AM -- 2020-03-27 -- 5 -- 00 -- PM -- The Palomar Hotel -- 2121 P Street NW -- Washington -- DC -- 20037 -- USA -- 1 -- -- 150 -- 8th Annual Women's Leadership Conference -- 0 -- 0 8th Annual Women's Leadership Conference | Stronger Together 2020-03-27 -- 8 -- 00 -- AM -- 2020-03-27 -- 5 -- 00 -- PM -- The Palomar Hotel -- 2121 P Street NW -- Washington -- DC -- 20037 -- USA -- 1 -- -- 0 -- Current Students or Recent Alumni -- 1 -- 0 Current Students or Recent Alumni (Less than 10 years out) womens-leadership-conference
 Mar 27, 2020
 11:30 AM
*JOIN US ONLINE * Washington, DC | 8th Annual Women's Leadership Conference | Stronger Together