2024 JHU Engineers Week: Aerospace & Aviation

2024 JHU Engineers Week: Aerospace & Aviation

Flying Drones… on the moon… of Saturn

So how would you operate a drone? On another celestial body? In a denser atmosphere and no external power source? Plus, you think your internet lag is bad?

Join us as we kick-off Engineering Week and hear a lecture from Ken Hibbard, '09, WSE, Project Systems Engineer for the Dragonfly New Frontiers mission to Titan. Ken will discuss some of the technical challenges of flying a drone on Saturn’s moon, Titan, and sampling multiple geological locations. This revolutionary mission concept includes the capability to explore diverse locations to characterize the habitability of Titan's environment, to investigate how far prebiotic chemistry has progressed, and even to search for chemical signatures that could indicate water-based and/or hydrocarbon-based life.

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 Event Date
Monday, February 19, 2024
Start Time: 6:00pm EDT
End Time: 7:30pm EDT

Hackerman Hall
Room B17

3400 N Charles St
Baltimore, MD 21218


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