Leadership 3.0 - Say Good-Bye to the Old Paradigm and Lead Into the Future

Leadership 3.0 - Say Good-Bye to the Old Paradigm and Lead Into the Future

Sponsored by the Women of Hopkins
Luci Gabel has over 20 years of advanced education and experience in business, leadership development and optimal health. She specializes in teaching leaders how to be impactful, balanced and most importantly, to model effective behavior for those they lead. In this presentation, Luci shares what sets extraordinary leaders apart from others, and identifies the critical skill set required for becoming an exceptional leader—someone who has the energy and stamina to innovate, motivate and inspire. Come learn what it takes to thrive amidst an uncertain future and master the skills needed for Leadership 3.0. This event will be held via Zoom. Please click this URL to join. https://jh.zoom.us/j/94309673837

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Luci Gabel,  MBA, MA, ACE, ACSM  is a Leadership Optimal Performance Coach, owner and CEO of LuciFit, LLC.  She has held leadership roles at the Department of Defense and for private companies, and has been an entrepreneur and start-up founder. She holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration (from Johns Hopkins University); a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology with an emphasis on Genetics (University of Maryland); four years of study in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Maryland (accredited degree program by ACEND); and a Bachelor's Degree in Physical and Psychological Health. She combines over 20 years of academic and professional experience to empower students and clients to be healthy, well-rounded leaders.

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 Event Date
Thursday, July 23, 2020
Start Time: 3:00pm
End Time: 4:00pm

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1-800-JHU-JHU1 (548-5481)