Artificial Intelligence in Films with Muhammad Ali Yousuf

Artificial Intelligence in Films with Muhammad Ali Yousuf


Lifelong Learning LogoCourse Title: Artificial Intelligence in Films

Course Instructor: Muhammad Ali Yousuf

Brought to you by Odyssey 

June 9, 2023 - June 30 2023 (4 sessions)

Friday 6 PM, ET

Virtual via Zoom



The purpose of this short course is to discuss the ethics of AI, using movies as examples. Starting from the sci-fi movie Metropolis, attempts have been made to depict a world dominated by technology, venturing into a future where intelligent robots roam the earth and underprivileged citizens suffer due to the high cost of living. The discussion will revolve around a few movies, each related to AI/Robotics but focused on a different theme. The course will end with a final class on the new wave of generative AI models like ChatGPT and the ethical issues they raise.


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 Event Date
Friday, June 9, 2023
6:00pm EDT

Friday, June 30, 2023
8:00pm EDT

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