The Art of Negotiation with Professor Stacey B. Lee

The Art of Negotiation with Professor Stacey B. Lee

Sponsored by the Women of Hopkins, Carey Business School Women's Alumni Network, and The Penn Club Women in Business

Being able to negotiate effectively is a necessity for modern life. Whether the bargaining dynamic involves salary negotiations or career trajectory, fair and effective negotiating can ensure that different interests are blended into an acceptable and hopefully favorable outcome for all parties. This program is designed to heighten your awareness of your negotiation style and increase your ability to negotiate mindfully and successfully in a variety of contexts.

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An attorney and healthcare negotiation consultant, Stacey B. Lee is an Associate Professor of Law at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and holds a joint appointment at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Combining nearly a decade of legal experience as a litigator and in-house counsel to several major healthcare institutions, Stacey specializes in training and facilitating transformative, interest-based techniques to assist business professionals, hospitals, physicians, healthcare providers and healthcare executives in resolving conflict and reaching an agreement.

As a member of the Carey faculty since 2008, Stacey teaches MBA and level executive negotiation courses and well as courses in business and healthcare law. She has designed content specific negotiation curricula for a variety of industries and organizations, including hospitals, medical schools, executive leadership and development programs, trade organizations and women’s professional groups and societies. In her research and professional interests, Stacey examines negotiation and mediation approaches to resolving conflict in corporate and healthcare settings. Year after year, Stacey has been selected for the Excellence in Teaching Award and Faculty of the Year Award at both Bloomberg and Carey for her negotiation and health and business law courses. Most recently, Stacey was named a Fulbright Specialist for her expertise.

 Event Date
Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Start Time: 6:00pm
End Time: 7:00pm

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