Hop Talk: Cybersecurity in a COVID-19 World


Join John Hopkins University and cybersecurity firm, Intezer, for this webinar exploring COVID-19’s global effects on the cyber landscape. Hear about the striking similarities between biological viruses and computer viruses from JHU Alumni, Brady Faby 15’, and Intezer CEO, Itai Tevet. Are we capable of producing a “genetic” vaccine to replace today’s traditional cybersecurity approaches?

Recent advancements in biology have led us closer to producing a lifelong vaccine for the Flu, which just over 100 years ago caused the deadliest pandemic in history. Immunologists are looking at the genetic makeup of a virus to prevent the spread of infection rather than chasing specific variants. Can the same approach be applied to cybersecurity to prevent the infection of computer viruses?

Topics covered:
• How cyber attackers exploit COVID-19 fear
• Can a genetic-based approach be applied to cybersecurity?
• Cyber warfare in the cloud: The COVID-19 aftermath

Itai Tevet, CEO, Intezer

Itai previously served as Head of the Israeli Defense Force Cyber Incident Response Team (IDF CERT), combining technical expertise and leadership experience to mitigate nation-state sponsored cyber threats. During this time, Itai led an elite group of cybersecurity professionals in digital forensics, incident response, malware analysis, and reverse engineering. Itai is now the CEO of Co-Founder of Intezer, which recently raised $15M in Series B funding from OpenView, Samsung, USAA, and Intel Capital. 

Brady Faby (A&S '15)

Brady graduated from JHU's Krieger School of Arts and Sciences in 2015, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Entrepreneurship & Management. Brady was Intezer's first U.S. employee and has found that Hopkins's E&M minor has really helped him prepare for life at an early-stage start-up. Brady leads revenue generation activities for Intezer while helping build and scale the business development division from the ground up. 



 Event Date
Saturday, May 16, 2020
Start Time: 3:00pm EDT
End Time: 4:00pm EDT
Office of Alumni Relations