Stethoscopes and Synapses: JHU School of Medicine Virtual Trivia Night

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Put down your scalpels, stethoscopes, and microscopes, dust off those dusty textbooks, and prepare for a night of cerebral combat at the JHU School of Medicine Virtual Trivia Extravaganza hosted by Ari Halpern (A&S '96) and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Office of Alumni Relations. 

Sharpen your synapses and get ready to dissect diverse knowledge in a quizical adventure beyond bedside manners and labs. From pop culture enigmas to the deepest dives into medical marvels, this showdown will test your grey matter to its limits. So whether you are a current student, graduated yesterday or honed your skills under Halsted himself, we'll form formidable teams of between 4-6 players for this competition.

This is not your average pub quiz. This is a battle of the brightest minds, a virtual reunion where laughter meets learning, and friendly competition ignites the competitive spirit. No prescription required: just a thirst for knowledge, a dash of wit, and a healthy dose of team camaraderie.

So don your virtual lab coats, grab your digital stethoscopes, and prepare to diagnose dominance! Categories of questions include pop culture, movies, tv, literature and, of course, Johns Hopkins trivia. Prizes await the victors, bragging rights reserved for the top minds, and memories forged in the crucible of trivia.

Register now and let the quizzing commence!

This event is free to attend and will take place on Zoom. All students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine are welcome to participate. A link will be shared in your confirmation email and in advance of the event! 

 Event Date
Thursday, February 29, 2024
Start Time: 7:00pm EST
End Time: 8:00pm EST

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Office of Alumni Relations
Jamie Seward
Senior Associate Director of Alumni Relations

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