Sachet Water: An Environmental Education Tool

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In Ghana, approximately 33% of households use 'sachet water', or approximately 500ml sealed plastic bags of water, as the primary source of drinking water. Sachets appeal to customers in different socioeconomic lifestyles, and because of the large prevalence in Ghanaian society these sachets are also a significant part of local plastic waste. Janice and Jonathan Allotey used their understanding of the prevalence of water sachets as an important part in developing their environmental education focused nonprofit Creation Care Concept. Their organization envisions a future where waste recovery is commonplace, and for Janice and Jonathan, it seemed natural for their community education and engagement efforts to begin with the water sachets. Join Jessica Mambula as she interviews Janice and Jonathan on their organization and their belief in the knowledge that in one's own small way one can make a difference in a local community. 

This event will be virtual. 

ABOUT Jessica Mambula

Jessica is a medical doctor and the founder of Jessicare Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded to reach the most vulnerable in society through providing healthcare and economic development for self-sufficiency and education. Jessica is a current MPH/MBA student at Johns Hopkins University. 

ABOUT Janice (Allotey) Dugbartey

Janice is an established social entrepreneur with expertise in problem-solving and community engagement. She is passionate about the integration of environmental health and epidemiology in developing effective public health interventions. She earned her MPH from the Bloomberg School of Public Health in 2020. 

ABOUT Jonathan Dugbartey

Jonathan Dugbartey is an artist on a mission to bring professionalism to Ghana’s fashion industry. With two decades of experience in fashion design and entrepreneurship, he is passionate about environmental sustainability, especially as it relates to waste reduction and recovery.

 Event Date
Wednesday, April 5, 2023
Start Time: 3:00pm EDT
End Time: 3:30pm EDT

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