A Life Simulation Setting: Delivering Comprehensive Care to Neurodivergent Young People

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A Life Simulation Setting: Delivering Comprehensive Care to Neurodivergent Young People

Older teens and young adults who are neurodivergent, or have autism (Asperger’s/ADHD), are struggling to launch and can require a more intensive treatment. Frequently, these individuals experience loss of skill development that can result in trauma, anxiety, and depression. With these young people on the cusp of adulthood, what is necessary to help this population be successful and as independent as possible? Join Rick Silver, MD, ScM ’83, as he discusses how he delivers comprehensive care through “a life simulation setting”, which includes executive function skill building, medication, and family involvement resulting in the skills needed for independence. 

ABOUT Rick Silver

Rick Silver, MD, ScM '83, is a psychiatrist who for many years has been practicing comprehensive approaches to mental health. His experience with finding good care for two of his daughters who have ADHD helped shape the approaches he uses at THRIVE Emerge which he founded in 2007.

Dr. Silver obtained his undergraduate degree from University of Michigan; a Master's degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University; and his medical and psychiatric training from the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

ABOUT Mary Jo Puglisi

Mary Jo Puglisi, LCPC, M.S., has been working in the fields of counseling and education for over 30 years. Her practical approach is rooted in a strong background in psychology and a firm belief that everyone can grow and learn.  Mary Jo's primary treatment modality is cognitive-behavioral, allowing clients to see how changing the messages they give themselves and shifting their behavioral patterns can benefit their lives.  She has designed and run special education programs in private schools in Maryland and counseled the students in these programs.  She has spoken at the local and national level on topics central to educational counseling and has had several articles published in magazines, as well.

Mary Jo completed her undergraduate and graduate education at Loyola College in Maryland, earning a B.S. in Psychology in 1988 and an M.S. In Counseling Psychology in 1993 with a strong focus on the relationship between physical and mental health.  She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.

Mary Jo is the mother of 4 young adult children and loves spending time with them more than anything else.  She also loves to travel, scuba dive, and enjoy time with friends.

 Event Date
Thursday, July 21, 2022
Start Time: 12:00pm EDT
End Time: 12:45pm EDT


Baltimore, MD 21205


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This event has ended. A recording will be available here, https://publichealth.jhu.edu/alumni/events/mental-health.