Rough Magic: Shakespeare on Power

Rough Magic: Shakespeare on Power

April 10 – May 22
Coursera Lectures and Live Discussions
6 weeks (12 sessions)

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Join Eliot Cohen, PhD, Dean of the School of Advanced International Studies, on a 6-week exploration of the ways in which Shakespeare’s works display power. This 6 part course consists of self-paced lectures followed by live discussions.

Session 1: Shakespeare on politics

1.1. Why Shakespeare?

1.2. What Shakespeare knew about politics

1.3. Technique: the soliloquy

Session 2: Acquiring power (1)

2.1. Inheritance without wisdom

2.2. The education of a prince

2.3. Technique: how actors interpret Shakespeare

Session 3: Acquiring power (2)

3.1. Coup

3.2. Demagoguery

3.3. Crime

Session 4: Exercising power (1)

4.1. Inspiration

4.2. Manipulation

4.3. Technique: rhetoric in Shakespeare

Session 5: Exercising power (2)

5.1. The stagecraft of power

5.2. Unidimensional leadership

5.3. Power as magic

Session 6: Losing Power

6.1. Arrogance and overreach

6.2. Fecklessness

6.3. Breaking the staff, drowning the book

 Event Date
Friday, April 24, 2020
Start Time: 5:15pm


Coursera Lectures and Zoom Discussion
Baltimore, MD 21218

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