“Portraits: Conversations on Imposter Syndrome”

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Portraits are images that convey both how we see ourselves and how we appear to the world. Much like portraits, imposter syndrome can cloud perceptions and cause us to question our capabilities, particularly when perception does not match reality.

Whether we are young or a seasoned veteran; a virtuoso; author; physician; professor; or business executive; a mom, sister, or daughter; many of us have crossed paths with it.

Join the discussion as a variety of panelists tell their stories, share their expertise, and offer advice for conquering imposter syndrome once and for all.

For our June discussion, Johns Hopkins University Economics professor, Dr. Hellen Seshie-Nasser, will discuss gender economics and the cross-cultural component of imposter syndrome based on her experiences teaching in both the US and Ghana.

ABOUT Lindsey Hutzler
Director of Product Development & Business Strategy, Progressus, Inc.

Lindsey Hutzler is the director of Product Development & Business Strategy for Progressus, Inc., in which she oversees the lifecycle of new products from working with artists in the initial stages to patenting the final innovation with a legal team. Her first design, the Booboo Box®, has been patented in five countries. Her expertise is in emergent markets, sourcing compliance, and infringement research. She is a member of Johns Hopkins – Women in Business Affinity and the IHA – Government Affairs Committee, in which she lobbies for current fiscal and healthcare issues affecting the industry, including tax reform and Proposition 65.

ABOUT Dr. Hellen Seshie-Nasser

Hellen Seshie-Nasser is a lecturer in the Department of Economics, Johns Hopkins University. Her areas of specialization include Development Economics, Gender/Feminist Economics, and Economics of Education. She teaches Gender Economics at Hopkins, and she was involved in a survey research project called Gender-Asset Gap implemented in 2010 in three countries-- Ghana, Ecuador and India-- sponsored by the Dutch government. She is a member of International Association for Feminist Economists (IAFFE).

 Event Date
Monday, June 13, 2022
Start Time: 6:00pm EDT
End Time: 7:00pm EDT

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