Political Ideologies and US Democracy

Gonzalez Summer 22

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July 6, 2022 – August 3, 2022 (5 sessions)  
Wednesday, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM ET

Course Description:

Four political ideologies are currently competing to win the allegiance of its citizens: Libertarian Conservatism (maximum individual liberty); Ethno-Nationalism (the nation as an enduring community); Political Liberalism (free & equal citizenship’s cooperation under deep diversity), and Democratic Socialism (commitment to fundamental rights to health, education and employment, elimination of poverty, and reduction of economic and social inequality). We will analyze policy choices and a triadic model of Political Freedom for each Ideology.


Session 1: Libertarian Conservatism: Radical defense of maximal individual liberty and minimal state interference.  The individual as creative, innovative entrepreneur.
Session 2: Ethno-Nationalism: The Nation as an enduring community of its values of tradition, culture,  history, religion and ethnicity.
Session 3: Political Liberalism: Free, equal and rational citizens cooperate under ample moral and political diversity, and an ordered system of law.
Session 4: Democratic Socialism: All citizens are guaranteed rights to health, education and employment, elimination of poverty, and reduction of inequality.
Session 5: Comparison & Synthesis: Can democracy support and accommodate vigorous conflict between these diverse political ideologies?


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ABOUT José López-González (Ph.D, KSAS '92)

José López-González, holds a BA in Economics from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey Mexico; MA in Economics from William College, Massachusetts; and MA and PhD in Philosophy from Johns Hopkins University. He is an economist, philosopher, and lecturer. He has worked as an Economist at the Investment Bank Financiera Aceptaciones and at the Mexican Federal Reserve Bank, both in Mexico City, Mexico. Dr. López-González taught philosophy in the Department of Philosophy at Loyola University for seven years and has been faculty in the Departments of Philosophy and Political Science at Towson University since 1996, teaching courses in Philosophy, politics, economics, and Latin America. Since 2010, he has been teaching interdisciplinary courses in philosophy, politics and economics as a lecturer at the Odyssey Program at Johns Hopkins University, and since 2014 at several campuses of the Baltimore County Community College. Dr. López-González is a Lecturer in the new program at the Alumni Relations Office at Johns Hopkins University. He has published articles in philosophy and economics and took courses in Micro and Macroeconomics at Harvard University.

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 Event Date
Wednesday, July 6, 2022
6:30pm EDT

Wednesday, August 3, 2022
8:30pm EDT

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