Asian + American: Linking Generations via Film with Ingrid Wu

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Lifelong Learning LogoCourse Title: Asian + American: Linking Generations via Film

Instructor: Ingrid Wu

Brought to you by Odyssey  

June 10, 2023 - July 29, 2023 (8 sessions)

Saturday, 2 PM ET

Virtual via Zoom



Students will screen Asian-American films to learn living history and culture with experienced elders and engage in professional networking. STEAM (science, tech, engineering, arts, math) themed films will vary per class interests and streaming availability. Asian films will have English subtitles to ease foreign language immersion. English discussions tying films to participant backgrounds enhance more exchanges between internationals and Americans. Those seeking contrasting Asian-American views are welcome to take the tandem AAM2 course too!


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I Wu earned 3 JHU degrees in 4 years, UM Law doctorate and Rotary Scholar/US Goodwill Ambassador to Taiwan, Republic of China/Hong Kong while teaching math, social sciences, Chinese/English as 2nd languages here/abroad, appearing in news, radio, film, stage, TV, textbook and billboards! She performed/directed musical theatre, played piano, violin, bassoon in orchestras/bands, sang in Peabody-Hopkins, Goucher and more choirs. Enhancing student success in school, computer-adaptive tests/certifications, she worked globally in gifted/talented education, high-tech, medical research, international law/travel in government/business.

Professor Wu developed service-learning to pair students interested in Chinese culture/history to explore STEAM(science/tech/engineering/arts/math)careers and enjoy films with retirees. She helped Rotary initiate area youth exchanges with Taiwan ROC schools and universities. She led JHU Asian affinity in networking alumni, students, families and community. American Red Cross' Centennial Youth Keynote Speaker won/judged diverse scholarships/pageants.

She motivated 400+ Hugh O’Brian Youth-World Leadership Congress Ambassadors, was Optimist Convention Guest Speaker and published in HOW TO BREAK THE GLASS CEILING WITHOUT A HAMMER. Towson Times 30th Anniversary-Best Teacher consulted/interpreted for many groups, serving/chairing JHU Admissions/Alumni committees too. Global entities such as Rotary and Optimists continually seek her motivational speaking. Her expertise is also sought by John Robert Powers, John Casablancas, Barbizon and others.

 Event Date
Saturday, June 10, 2023
2:00pm EDT

Saturday, July 29, 2023
5:00pm EDT

1-800-JHU-JHU1 (548-5481)

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