English for Foreign Professionals with Yuwei Zhang, M.D, MBA and Changwen Ding



Lifelong Learning LogoCourse Title: English for Foreign Professionals

Instructors: Dr. Yuwei Zhang & Changwen Ding

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June 05, 2023 - July 10, 2023 (6 Sessions)  

Monday, 6:30 PM ET  

Virtual via Zoom



Can immigrants teach immigrants English? Yes, they can. But there is a lack of trust and confidence in both parties, as immigrants might not fully understand the depth of English. Can native speakers teach immigrants English? Of course, they can. But they might not be fully aware of the challenges immigrants face in every aspect of their life and what the best approach they can take is. The course, English for Foreign Professionals, was developed by an immigrant mother and a native speaker daughter, which applies the format that mimics the daily conversation between an immigrant and a native speaker. Different challenges have been taken into consideration during the design of the course. 

In addition to some familiar topics such as job searching and networking, students will discuss trending topics such as ChatGPT, the banking crisis, Big Tech layoffs, the looming recession, and the unpredictable housing market. 
Has anybody told you that you should improve your communication skills? 

Have people often asked you to repeat what you have said? 

Have you heard someone say you were too shy or cold? 

Do you feel there is a glass ceiling as an immigrant? 

Are you feeling frustrated with your job search? 

Do you often feel tongue-tied at a meeting? 

Then, this course is for you! 


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ABOUT Yuwei Zhang

Dr. Zhang spent her teaching career in universities in China and the US. She has also been invited to develop minicourses for international professional organizations. When she moved to the US 20 years ago, she struggled with her English, despite already having published three papers and been invited to review manuscripts for high-tier medical journals. She continually improved her English, and her paper published in 2013 is one of the most cited papers in the field.

On her English-learning journey, she took English classes at a local community college, Johns Hopkins University, and MIT. Still, she realized there was a need for courses designed for foreign professionals. She founded a meetup, English for Foreign Professionals, to help immigrants like her and offer career advice. Her efforts to help others also benefit herself. She was offered a dream job for which she had been preparing for decades. In recent years, she has been working as an executive for global companies. Since then, with her daughter, she researched and developed the course English for Foreign Professionals, which aims to help immigrants succeed and break the glass ceiling. 

ABOUT Changwen Ding

Changwen Ding is currently enrolled in the University of Maryland, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health Science. With her vast experience in supporting new immigrants and refining their immigration-related application documents, she can bring valuable insights and skills to any academic setting. Changwen has also showcased her excellent leadership abilities by effectively managing diverse student organizations, including dance groups and public health initiatives.

Changwen possesses a broad range of essential skills, including conducting mock interviews, providing accent-reduction training, and facilitating cross-cultural communication. Her expertise and experience make her an ideal instructor to guide foreign professional students in mastering the English language, positioning them for success in their careers in the United States.

Moreover, Changwen is highly regarded for her ability to polish cover letters and resumes, which showcases her commitment to providing immigrants with the tools they need to succeed.

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Monday, June 5, 2023
6:30pm EDT

Monday, July 10, 2023
8:00pm EDT

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